Society for the promotion of art and culture

Since 1979 the „Künstlerbahnhof Ebernburg“ (train station for artists) awards scholarships to fulltime artists for residency in the former railway building. In this beautiful landscape and unrivalled location artists will get a chance to work creatively in an undisturbed and independend as well as free environment. The scholarship given primarily to young artists is for two months, and artists will find a unique high-ceilinged and light studio in the basement as well as a fully furnished flat on the upper floor, enabling artists to work undisturbed to develop their true potential. There is as well a kiln for glass and ceramics.
Apart from awarding residencies, the society intends to organise exhibitions for well-known, mainly young artists in order to open up their work to the public and promote the „Künstlerbahnhof Ebernburg“ as a most suitable institution for artists.

The artists studio and flat are kindly provided by the „Rheingarfenstein foundation of Max und Herta Kuna“.

Please send us your documents of your work, your career and your person in form of paper. To apply for a scholarship in the following year, please send your documents by post. Your application must be in our postbox by the 31th of october at the latest.

Adress:Kuenstlerbahnhof Ebernburg e.V.
Bad Muenster am Stein-Ebernburg
Postbox 1238
D – 55580 Bad Kreuznach
Atelier: Berliner Strasse 77
Bad Muenster am Stein-Ebernburg (Bad Kreuznach)
D – 55580 Bad Kreuznach